SideFights have a long and varied history as part of Song Fight! Several types of sidefights, organized through the Song Fight! message boards, have occurred over the years, as explained below:

"Official" Cover Fights:
After much board discussion, the guidelines were established for the first side fights in 2001, which started with songfighters covering each other. For a time, these alternated back and forth between "other" coverfights and the "original formula". Initially hosted by Stubs of Octothorpe, these have been more recently organized by JB.

June, 2001
First Cover Fight

September, 2001
JBB Cover Fight

October, 2001
80s Cover Fight

November, 2001
50s Cover Fight

December, 2001
XMAS Cover Fight

January, 2002
George Harrison Cover Fight

February, 2002
Regular Cover Fight

April, 2002
Archive Cover Fight

May, 2002
Regular Cover Fight

July, 2002
Summer Cover Fight

November, 2002
Children's Songs Cover Fight

January, 2003
Regular Cover Fight

May, 2003
Neil Diamond/Video Games

September, 2003
Swapping Cover Fight

March, 2004
Country/Devo Cover Fight

September, 2004
Fightmaster's Choice

July, 2005
Cover Yourself

November, 2006
Total Request Cover Fight

The Gift of Music:
Niveous thought that it would be fun for songfighters to get their favorite songs covered by other songfighters and the Gift of Music was born.

January, 2004
The Gift of Music 2003

January, 2005
The Gift of Music 2004

January, 2006
The Gift of Music 2005

Organized by the secret Hxaro! Santa and his helper Mr. McHxaro, these side fights pay tribute to a selected member of the Song Fight! community.

October, 2004
King Arthur

December, 2004
15-16 Puzzle

April, 2005
Jack Shite

July, 2005
Johnny Cashpoint and Ken

November, 2005
Glenn Case

These take the form of short (one hour) fights with a special challenge.

March, 2004
SongSkirmish II

June, 2004
SongSkirmish III

September, 2004
SongSkirmish IV

February, 2006
SongSkirmish V

Board Fights:
Numerous additional challenges and fights have been organized by individual songfighters. More often than not, unlike the "official" coverfights, these have sprung up more or less spontaneously and autocratically rather than by concensus.

July, 2004
The One

October, 2004
JB's Mom's Childrens Songs Charity Compilation

November, 2004
Barenaked Sidefight

December, 2004
Guitar Symphony

February, 2005
SongWar: the extra long fight

February, 2005

March, 2005
Rolf is a Nazi: A SongFight Tribute

April, 2005
OctoFest '05

April, 2005

July, 2005
Residents of the USA

August, 2005
Themesongfight! 2005

November, 2005
The Eagles

December, 2005
John Lennon Tribute

February, 2006
ABBA Coverfight

March, 2006
Nur Ein Stage One

March, 2006
Nur Ein Stage Two

March, 2006
Nur Ein Stage Three

April, 2006
Nur Ein Stage Four

April, 2006
Nur Ein Stage Five

April, 2006
Nur Ein Stage Six

April, 2006
Nur Ein Stage Seven

Most of these side fights are self-hosted, so song links may be broken, as individual songfighters websites may have changed over time, etc. Please do not email or post to report a broken link unless you have access to a better (working) one. These may be sent to

If you know of other sidefights that should be included, be sure to let us know.