The Gift of Music 2004
January, 2005
Fight Website
For the second year in a row, anyone who wanted to participate simply posted that they want to be a part and listed 4 of their favorite songs that they'd like to hear covered. Once the list of participants were compiled, the names were tossed into a hat and paired off. The participant picked 1 song from the 4 and covered the song.
Jack Shite
Waltz You Across Texas Tonight by Emmylou Harris
gifted to Roymond

Future Boy
Oh Daddy Oh by Charlotte Gainsbourg
gifted to Johnny Cashpoint

Glenn Case
Just a friend by Biz Markie
gifted to Pray For Mojo

Legion by VNV Nation
gifted to HKD - Unit Z

Johnny Cashpoint
Real Love by John Lennon
gifted to Marcus Kellis

Marcus Kellis
Cut Your Hair by Pavement
gifted to Bolio

Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley
gifted to Heuristics Inc.

Neil Thrun
El Camino by Ween
gifted to Wreckdom

The Losers by Warrior Soul
gifted to Niveous

Sunken Treasure by Wilco
gifted to Blue

The Cow Exchange
My Daydream by Paul Westerberg
gifted to Glenn Case

Rachael Layne
Summer, HighlandFalls by Billy Joel
gifted to Jon Eric

Caravan Ray
There is a light that never goes by The Smiths
gifted to Jack Shite

Jim of Seattle
Street Carp by Deftones
gifted to Sven Mullet

The Hell Yeahs
Charlotte Sometimes by The Cure
gifted to bzl (Charcoal)

R. Mosquito
Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head by They Might be Giants
gifted to Feldspar

Handsome & Gretel by Babes in Toyland
gifted to Rachel Layne

Hit me baby one more time by Brittney Spears
gifted to C Hack

Generals & Majors by XTC
gifted to Jim Tyrrell

Heuristics Inc.
The Elements by Tom Lehrer
gifted to Neil Thrun

DMV by Primus
gifted to Primitive Screwheads

The Landfills
There Went the World by Number One Fan
gifted to Plat (aka Cow Exchange)

Concertina by Tori Amos
gifted to The Landfills

Primitive Screwheads
Stranded by The Saints
gifted to Caravan Ray

Jim Tyrrell
My Posse's On Broadway by Sir Mix-A-Lot
gifted to R.Mosquito

The Voice Inside Your Head
Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns by Mother Love Bone
gifted to Eddiebangs

Jon Eric
Come a Little Bit Closer by Jay and the Americans
gifted to Tony Hightower

Lemon Meringue by Poe
gifted to Future Boy

Elephant Stone by The Stone Roses
gifted to Hujhax

C Hack
The Past and Pending by The Shins
gifted to Jim of Seattle

Andre Was Here at Midnight
Moving In Stereo by The Cars
gifted to The Voice Inside Your Head

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