The Gift of Music 2005
January, 2006
Fight Website
Once again, anyone who wanted to participate posted a list of 4 of their favorite songs that they'd like to hear covered, the names were tossed into a hat and paired off, and the participants picked 1 song from the 4 and covered the song.
Jim Tyrrell
Theophilus Thistler by Sonicanimation
gifted to Caravan Ray

Sausage Boy
I Hate Scotland by Ballboy
gifted to Dre

Walk Like An Egyptian by The Bangles
gifted to Spud

Friend of the Devil by Grateful Dead
gifted to C Hack

Jack Shite
She's a Lady by Tom Jones
gifted to Bjam

15-16 Puzzle
You Say You Don't Love Me by The Buzzcocks
gifted to Johnny Cashpoint

Josephine by Postastatic/Magnetic Fields
gifted to Erik/15-16 Puzzle

Pumpkin Buzzard
Wish It Would Rain by Roger Joseph Manning Jr.
gifted to Glenn Case

Pumpkin Buzzard
Crumble by Dada
gifted to Glenn Case

Pumpkin Buzzard
Vampires & Failures by Grandpaboy
gifted to Glenn Case

Pumpkin Buzzard
Passion Planet by Thompson Twins
gifted to Glenn Case

Isolation by John Lennon
gifted to Bolio

Andy's Chest by Velvet Underground
gifted to Mogosagatai

Head Like A Hole by Nine Inch Nails
gifted to Raised by Wolves

Apartment by Custard
gifted to Sausage Boy

The Cow Exchange (Plat)
Killing an Arab by The Cure
gifted to Sausage Boy

The Cow Exchange (Plat)
Bonus Piano Demo by The Cure
gifted to Leaf

King of Carrot Flowers by Neutral Milk Hotel
gifted to Blue

Rabid Garfunkel
It's Still Rock and Roll to Me by Billy Joel
gifted to Jim Tyrrell

I've Got a Crush On You by Frank Sinatra
gifted to Marcus Kellis

Caravan Ray
This Magic Moment by Jay & The Americans
gifted to Rachel Layne

Luke Henley
Cars by Gary Numan
gifted to Heuristics Inc.

Charlton Heston by Stump
gifted to Rabid Garfunkel

Glenn Case
Buenos Tardes Amigo by Ween
gifted to Jack Shite

The Darkest One by The Tragically Hip
gifted to Deshead

Peace Train by Cat Stevens
gifted to Roymond

Heuristics Inc.
First Things First by Phantom Planet
gifted to Plat

Hungry Freaks, Daddy by Frank Zappa
gifted to Luke Henley

Glenn Case (for Rachael)
Alison by Elvis Costello
gifted to Heather Redmon

Johnny Cashpoint
Tainted Love by Soft Cell
gifted to Stueym

No Cash Value
Giant by Matthew Good Band
gifted to Sven

Marcus Kellis
Pagan Poetry by Bjork
gifted to Niveous

Are 'Friends' Electric? by Gary Numan
gifted to The Hip Cola

Ken's Super Duper Band 'n Stuff
My Supermodel Girlfriend Gone AWOL by Centro-Matic
gifted to Ben/Bzl/Charcoal

Halley's Waitress by Fountains of Wayne
gifted to Ken

This Is The Day by The The
gifted to Pumpkin Buzzard

C Hack
Like a Call by Architecture in Helinski
gifted to Egg

Jewish Princess by Frank Zappa
gifted to Albatross

Raised by Wolves
Green Grass of Tunnel by Mum
gifted to Tonamel

Punk Rock Caveman Living in a Prehistoric Age by Desert Sessions
gifted to Abominominous

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