JB's Mom's Childrens Songs Charity Compilation
October, 2004
JB's mother, bless her heart, convinced him to create a compilation CD full of songs that children would enjoy listening to. This CD will be distributed as part of a "care" package to chronically ill children in hospitals.
Jack Shite
Crazy Crazy Monkey

Heuristics Inc.
In the Lair of the Zombie Kittens

High Density
Alligator Food

High Density

High Density
My Darling Steven

brody and the booger brigade
Just Say Booger

Johnny Cashpoint
Grownups Are Dumb

Jim of Seattle
Martians Are Going to Eat Us

Jim of Seattle
Merry Christmas

Jim of Seattle
The Little Seed

Jim of Seattle
Mary Had a Little Lamb

Jim of Seattle
The Math Lesson

Caravan Ray
Polar Bear Rock

Hairy Nick the Lunatic
Food Fight!

E Money
Animal Song

The Endless Path Through the Forest of Diffusion (I Like Mud)

Heuristics Inc.

Heuristics Inc.

Caravan Ray
Bonjour Mon Ami

Drink Drank Drunk
Little Cowboy

Escavity Gorgilinty

15-16 puzzle
German Chocolate Cake

Happy Birthday Daddy

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