The Gift of Music 2003
January, 2004
Fight Website
Niveous had this idea: Anyone who wants to participate simply posts that they want to be a part and lists 4 of their favorite songs that they'd like to hear covered. Once the list of participants is compiled, the names are tossed into a hat and paired off. The participant picks 1 song from the 4 and covers the song.
Extra Credit
Black Spell of Destruction by Burzum
gifted to Jute Gyte

Moses Hand
Behind the Wall of Sleep by Black Sabbath
gifted to The Sober Irishman

Sven Mullet
Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? by Rockapella
gifted to Bzl

In Liverpool by Suzanne Vega
gifted to The Adjuster

Heuristics Inc.
Sugar Sugar by The Archies
gifted to Johnny Cashpoint

Downtown Skid Row by Little Shop of Horrors
gifted to 15-16 Puzzle

Johnny Cashpoint
Something to Say by Toad the Wet Sprocket
gifted to Eddiebangs

Wild Wild Life by Talking Heads
gifted to Starfinger

Frankie Big Face
All the Way to Reno by R.E.M.
gifted to Skunk Hand

Glenn Case
Sweating Bullets by Megadeth
gifted to Calfborg

The Landfills
Child Psychology by Black Box Recorder
gifted to Niveous

Baba O'Riley by The Who
gifted to Jon Eric

Jute Gyte
Letter From an Occupant by The New Pornographers
gifted to Frankie Big Face

15-16 Puzzle
O Stella by PJ Harvey
gifted to Blue

State of Grace by Billy Joel
gifted to Glenn Case

Jim of Seattle
Black Lung by Rancid
gifted to Chucky

Green Eggs and Ham by Muxy Fruvous
gifted to Pennsylvania Guitar Trio

Sven Mullet
Baby's On Fire by Brian Eno
gifted to Heuristics Inc.

The White Hat
Tiger Woods by Dan Bern
gifted to Roymond

Black Wings by Tom Waits
gifted to Josh Woodward

Jon Eric
Ruby Sees All by Cake
gifted to Feldspar