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how it works
Song Fight! is a free online songwriting competition.
We provide a title, you write a new song for the title and email us an MP3 by the deadline. We post the songs, listeners vote for a winner. There is no prize. See the FAQ for full details.
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Due: Tuesday, 07/05/22 9:59am PDT

optional challenge: Dance music
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last week's fight
Like Turned To Love
The Pannacotta Army manages to tie The Gross Tones, which is no small feat.
fight anniversaries
Bone Saw
winner: Vowl Sounds
Bite Down
winner: Billy and the Psychotics
That's What She Said
winner: Melvin
Criminal Charges
winner: Octothorpe
song news
New album featuring thehipcola and Smalltown Mike
Grill Shots (featuring thehipcola and Smalltown Mike) is proud to present the new album "Hot Off The Grill", 11 songs about barbecuing. On Bandcamp now and everywhere else. Includes two songs that first appeared on Songfight!
Nur Ein XVII has begun!
The annual tournament sidefight is on! 20 participants entered the qualifying round and are now competing to be the one to win it all. Follow along in the forums!
New miscellaneous owl album out
Owl wrote and recorded 10 new songs in February for February Album Writing Month (aka FAWM), two of which were also Song Fight! entries, and they are available now as an album on BandCamp called "the engine of more". Go check it out!
New Vom Vorton album out
Vom wrote and recorded these songs while taking part in the Nur Ein! songwriting contest in 2018. Check out "Silver Medal Songs"!
New EP out by Giraffes for Wings
Giraffes for Wings has a new EP called Float Day available on Bandcamp. It contains poppy synth and guitar tunes, including revamped entries from Song Fight and SpinTunes, plus a couple all-new songs.
New Robyn Mackenzie album out
Robyn Mackenzie has a new album out! Equal parts psychedelic grunge and sultry alt-pop, "Covered in Love" explores themes of spirituality, addiction, and mental health. It's available on Bandcamp and SoundCloud
New Phlub album
Phlub (aka Phlebia, etc.) has released an experimental EP made entirely with FM synths and samples. "It's neato!" says Phlub. Check out "Other Planets Have Culture" on BandCamp.
The Pannacotta Army release self titled album
The Pannacotta Army have an album imaginatively titled "The Pannacotta Army". 13 songs to like, hate or ignore, many of which started life as Song Fight! entries. It's out on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and all other reputable services that pay a pittance. Cheers (editor: And Pandora!)
Rest in peace, Blue Lang
Blue Lang, a pillar of the Song Fight community in the '00s, passed away recently. Share your memories here, pay tribute here, and check out the songs for the inaugural "sonofgearfight". We'll miss you, Blue!
Final Seth Gibbs (aka "Brother Machine") Album
The final works of the incredible Seth Gibbs, old school Song Fighter under the name "Brother Machine" among many others, has been released and you can find "We Are All Connected" on BandCamp. Rest in peace, Seth, you are sorely missed.
COVID-19 Global Pandemic
Please stay safe and stay healthy and follow all your local/regional/national government guidelines and mandates. We'll be trying to offer shorter, more frequent fights for folks who want to spend more time making music. Also check the boards as the community has already started organizing side fights. Song love!
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