Each new Song Fight! contest is now available in the form of a podcast to which you can subscribe. This way, each fight can be downloaded automatically as soon as it is available.

Two ways to subscribe:
Since there are currently multiple contests running simultaneously at Song Fight!, you may want to download either a single fight, or all of the current entries. To accomodate individual preference, two formats are available.

To download all of the songs for each fight, point your podcast client ( iTunes, Juice, etc.) at the following URL :


If you would prefer to subscribe to the individual fights, use the following feeds: (note that the number of feeds depends on the number of fights)


Known iTunes issue:
These podcasts contain multiple files, one for each entry in the respective fight. Unfortunately, iTunes will only download one file when you first subscribe. However, if you modify your iTunes' Podcasts Preferences so that 'When new episodes are available:' it will 'Download all', then you will get all of the songs on subsequent updates.