Song Fight is a free Web site where Internet musicians enter their work into competition. Every ten days or so, one or more titles are posted, the competitors write a brand new song written expressly for one of these titles, and the Internet at large is invited to vote for their favorite song for each title.

Our goal is to provide a venue for new music and creative expression on the Internet. Keeping that goal in mind, the proprietors of must reserve the right to add and remove any content from at any time for any reason, as they see fit.

Can I enter?
Yes! Look over on the right side of the Song Fight page, under "Next Week's Fights" to see next week's title(s) and the deadline for entering a song. To maximize Song Fight's resources for everyone who wants to participate, please limit your entries to one song per week.

How do I enter?

  1. Write a song based on one of the titles posted. Songs written before the title was announced are not eligible for competition. No covers are allowed, unless you are so creative with it that we can't tell it's a cover.
  2. Make an MP3 file out of your song. Please use the lowest bitrate that sounds decent. 128kbps is preferred.
  3. Compose a new email message.
    • To:
    • Subject: The Title You Chose
    • Body: Your Band Name Here
  4. Attach your MP3 file to the message, then send it by or before the deadline for the fight.

What do I name my file?

Name your file like so:

Suppose you are The John Benjamin Band and the title is "Look Good In Black":


That's your band name, all lower case, all one word, not including "the", followed by an underscore, and then an acronym made of the words in the title you're submitting for (unless the title is a single word, in which case, use the whole word). If there is an "and" in your band name, replace it with "+".

I am impatient. When will the fight be posted?
Your friendly FightMasters have lives to attend to. In most cases, they are posted within a day or two of the deadline. Don't be a whiny jackhole if it takes longer.

There is a problem! Help!
Visit the Q.A. thread on the Song Fight message board and tell us all about your problems. Be sure to tell us your band name, if the problem is with your song.

What do I get if I win?
Bragging rights. Satisfaction. The jealous glances of strangers sitting next to you on the subway.

I have an idea! Now what?
Post your suggestions in the Suggestion/Complaint thread on the message board or send all your clever ideas directly to your friendly neighborhood FightMaster.

Can I vote more than once?
We really wish you wouldn't. Voting multiple times doesn't really get you anything does it? There's no prize or anything after all, and what satisfaction is there in bragging rights if you cheated to get them?

I need help making a song!
Song Fight requires a modicum of resourcefulness. Check out the message board for help making music and for collaboration opportunities.

People on the message board are mean!
The message boards can be raucous and sometimes cruel to newcomers. Hang in there! You'll come to appreciate the honesty of the feedback you'll receive, and the opportunities for collaboration with like-minded musicians. Follow the rules (within reason), behave yourself, and things will all work out.

What is Song Fight's stance on copyright?
Song Fight will take no official or unofficial position on this issue. Enter at your own risk. By submitting your song, you are authorizing us to post it permanently on a publicly viewable Web site where it can be downloaded by anyone.

I would like to contribute "cover art".
Check out the Cover Art submission thread on the boards for instructions on how to submit your art. FightMaster will keep a copy for posterity, and it might be posted somewhere for people to see, if it is not used as cover art on