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Abuse Of Power
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how it works
Song Fight! is a free online songwriting competition.
We provide a title, you write a new song for the title and email us an MP3 by the deadline. We post the songs, listeners vote for a winner. There is no prize. See the FAQ for full details.
next week's fight
Abuse Of Power
Due: Friday, 06/25/21 9:59am PDT

optional challenge: Multiple song story, part 1 of 4
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last week's fight
Full Moon On Friday
Supergroup Yaks of the Industry are howling over a win!
fight anniversaries
Change Is Coming
winner: Ice Weasels Pepper Jane
Isle Dauphine
winner: Manhattan Glutton
Influential Film
winner: Jordan Seavers
Had It Up To Here
winner: roymond
Hit By A Train
winner: Hostess Mostess
What A Horrible Thing To Say
winner: Lonbobby
I Can See You
winner: Hoblit
song news
Balance Lost release new album "Inaction"
Balance Lost's new album "Inaction" is available now on BandCamp. It features songs from Song Fight, Nur Ein, and more. Check it out!
Nur Ein XVI has begun!
The sixteenth iteration of Nur Ein has started! Head to Nur Ein site. There can be only one!
Glenn Case releases another new album!
Glenn Case's latest release is "On A Roll"! No, it's not an album of Rick Astley covers, but, it is an album of songs titled using lyrics from "Never Gonna Give You Up". Check it!
Berkeley Social Scene releases a new album!
Check out the release of a new album from prolific Song Fight! stalwarts Berkeley Social Scene, called "Secret Places Hidden Spaces", out now on BandCamp and streaming services! Includes Song Fight winners "Skeleton Key", "Two Hits", "You'll Know When It When You See It", and more!
Jon Eric releases new album "Stages"
Check out the latest release from long time fighter Jon Eric, "Stages", featuring Song Fight entries, songs from his winning run of Nur Ein XV this year, and more!
Original Flava Video Coverfight
The first ever Original Flava Video Coverfight was a huge success! Watch the recording of the stream to see a bunch of great videos of Song Fighters covering Song Fighters. Kudos to Ken for organizing it and Tom for assisting with the stream.
Glenn Case releases two albums!
Check out Glenn's new solo album "A Year of Mondays" and Glenn and Mo plus special guests on Agony Sauce's self-titled debut featuring updated versions of their Nur Ein XIV hits and much more!
Final Seth Gibbs (aka "Brother Machine") Album
The final works of the incredible Seth Gibbs, old school Song Fighter under the name "Brother Machine" among many others, has been released and you can find "We Are All Connected" on BandCamp. Rest in peace, Seth, you are sorely missed.
COVID-19 Global Pandemic
Please stay safe and stay healthy and follow all your local/regional/national government guidelines and mandates. We'll be trying to offer shorter, more frequent fights for folks who want to spend more time making music. Also check the boards as the community has already started organizing side fights. Song love!
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