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Eyes in the Dark
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You wouldn't think we would need to say this, but use the actual title as shown and your actual band name, kapeesh?

Here's how it works. Click the names to listen, then check the boxes next to your favorites to vote for as many as you like, but at least two. Check all the good ones, don't check any of the bad ones, then press the vote! button to register all of your votes at once. One round of voting per fight per customer, please.
how it works
Song Fight! is a free online songwriting competition.
We provide a title, you write a new song for the title and email us an MP3 by the deadline. We post the songs, listeners vote for a winner. There is no prize. See the FAQ for full details.
next week's fight
Eyes in the Dark
Due: Friday, 10/23/20 9:59am PDT

optional challenge: Spooky sounds
yourbandname_eitd.mp3 sent to (full instructions)
last week's fight
Better Luck Next Year
Better luck next year, everybody, miscellaneous owl won this one!
fight anniversaries
Hot Mess
winner: Ken's Super Duper Band 'n Stuff
Crashing Cars, Awarding Stars
winner: unexpected bowtie
Brimming With Tears
winner: Melvin
Rockopolousaninjananophone Eternal -The Vishnu Cycle
winner: Mostly Harmless
Asassinate Queen Genius
winner: Nil
song news
Song Fight! Diary Video Series
Check out the first episode of a brand new video series "Song Fight Diary", where Fightmaster Jr. interviews fighters about one of their songs. First up is Robyn Mackenzie talking about her entry for the "Better Luck Next Year" fight.
Song Fight! Live 2020 Complete!
We did it! Six nights of excellent live streams. Thanks to all involved and congratulations to the live fight winners, Swampy Nethers!
Song Fight! Turns 20!
June 19th marked 20 years since the start of the very first fight, "Golfpunk Drives A Cadillac", according to the date in the archive anyway. Here we are, 652 fights, 878 titles, 12492 songs later and counting, still going. Happy birthday Song Fight! Stop by the boards if you want to say happy birthday and share your Song Fight story!
Final Seth Gibbs (aka "Brother Machine") Album
The final works of the incredible Seth Gibbs, old school Song Fighter under the name "Brother Machine" among many others, has been released and you can find "We Are All Connected" on BandCamp. Rest in peace, Seth, you are sorely missed.
Jon Eric wins Nur Ein XV
This year's edition of the annual 8-week elimination tournament Nur Ein is over! Jon Eric defeated Cavedwellers in the final round, "Pistols At Dawn". Say "Congratulations!" on the boards!
COVID-19 Global Pandemic
Please stay safe and stay healthy and follow all your local/regional/national government guidelines and mandates. We'll be trying to offer shorter, more frequent fights for folks who want to spend more time making music. Also check the boards as the community has already started organizing side fights. For now we're going to hope Song Fight Live 2020 will still happen but we'll keep monitoring the situation and announce if there are any developments. Song love!
Submission Email Auto Reply Disabled For Now
We have temporarily disabled the automatic confirmation email. You should receive a manual confirmation of receipt of your submission for now.
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