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A Doom With A View
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A Doom With A View
Due: Tuesday, 01/22/19 9:59am PST

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last week's fight
The Thirteenth Moon
Berkeley Social Scene and lookoutJoe! tie, and there's a super blood wolf full moon in 9 days!
five years ago
winner: DJ Ranger Den
ten years ago
Elegy for Industry
winner: Cabin Fever
fifteen years ago
Brown Boxes
winner: Stuff n Nonsense
Fire Bomb
winner: The John Benjamin Band
Direct to Helmet
winner: Carol Cleveland Sings
Martians are Going to Eat Us
winner: Madi, Singer/Songwriter, Age 7
song news
Rest In Peace, Brother Machine
In some very sad news, Seth Gibbs, aka Brother Machine, super talented Song Fighter of "old times" 2003-2004 passed away recently. He was a great songwriter and musician who participated online as well as in real life at several live events including Song Fight! Live 2004 in Austin, TX. You can watch his set from that show on Glenn Case's YouTube channel and see Seth invite folks up to accompany him spontaneously to great effect. We'll be covering some of his songs in a tribute, check the boards for more details.
Song Fight! Live 2018 _HD_ Videos!
glennny has posted HD videos of ALL the sets from Song Fight! Live 2018 in beautiful Denver, Colorado. Head to the boards to watch the videos. It'll be just like you were there!
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