Song Fight Live: Rebels and Trebles

This year, Song Fight Live goes off in Hotlanta, Georgia! Come on out and hang with JB in his hood. Play some music, meet some people, and beat them to death with 1 4 5 chords!

Events will take place on August 16, 17, and 18, at various times throughout the day. To include a few "seminars" where songfighters spew forth on various topics such as Ableton Live, recording drums, and weird and wacky chords and structures to add to your terrible music.


Thursday: Cantina La Casita in East Atlanta! Come out and munch on tasty mexican food while some of your favorite Songfighters wail away in the background.

Saturday: ISP Records in East Atlanta! Swarm into the ISP room down the street from the Earl-- pack yourself in there and listen to the rock and ROLL erupting from the guitars, drums, bass, and vocal chords of some of your favorite Songfighters! Vote for your favorite entry in the LIVE SONG FIGHT at the end of the evening!